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Ready to improve your sports performance? Book my one on one nutrition coaching program!

I provide expertise in endurance nutrition for cyclists, triathletes, runners, swimmers, skiers/snowboarders, and more. In my month-to-month program, we will work together to build a personalized nutrition plan to help you perform your best – while feeling good about your body and eating foods that you enjoy!

The month-to-month plan includes:

  • A detailed, non-judgmental deep-dive into your current eating patterns and performance goals
  • Dietitian online consultation every other week
  • Science-based nutrition recommendations personalized to your unique needs
  • Race day fueling & hydration plan… and more!

Pricing: $320 for the first month, $290 each consecutive month

Request a FREE 15 minute discovery call to learn more or book!

Frequently Asked Questions

The month-to-month package includes:

  • One 60 minute initial online consultation with me to assess your performance goals and nutrition needs.
  • One 45 minute follow up consultation with me every other week for the duration of the package.
  • Unlimited messaging via email or chat.
  • A crash course in the basics – getting up to speed on macronutrient and micronutrients and how they impact your everyday health performance.
  • A personalized race day fueling and hydration plan.
  • Intuitive eating coaching.
  • And more!

The beauty of the month-to-month package is you get to decide how deep you want to go! One month of coaching will get you the basics. As additional months are added in, more topics can be covered. For example, troubleshooting GI issues, sports supplementation, eating during the off-season, body composition and weight management, etc. Topics are personalized to your needs!

I can work with any level of athlete, whether you are just starting out or you are looking to PR your next race. I specialize in endurance activities, including running, road cycling, mountain/gravel biking, swimming, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Yes! As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I am able to work with many athletes who have nutrition-related health conditions.

Many insurance companies cover dietitian services. Though I do not direct bill to your insurance provider, I can provide you with a receipt after services that you can submit to your provider.

I am located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. However, I offer virtual services so I can work with athletes in most states.

Nutrition is a critical part of sports performance, and an athlete’s overall health. However, nutrition is not one size fits all. Registered dietitian nutritionists have advanced degrees in nutrition, and provide scientific recommendations for athletes – it’s information you can count on being accurate, unlike much of what is shared on social media or found in Google searches!

Registered dietitian nutritionists for athletes may:

  • Create personalized fueling plans for their clients’ training and sporting events that improve their performance.
  • Ensure their athletes are getting the right nutrients, by assessing macronutrient needs, analyzing daily food intake, recommending lab tests to screen for micronutrient deficiencies, and recommending supplements if necessary.
  • Monitor the athlete’s weight and body composition.
  • Screen for markers of disordered eating.
  • Help athletes troubleshoot GI or fueling challenges.
  • Recommend fueling and hydration products that are appropriate for the athlete’s sport and preferences.
  • Create meal plans and/or provide recipe suggestions.
  • Educate athletes on the role various nutrients play in their health and performance.
  • And more!
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