The KL Nutrition Approach

The KL Nutrition approach uses the perfect blend of evidence-based fueling, food freedom, and body appreciation to optimize your performance.

Evidence-based fueling

Let’s be honest - nutrition is one of the most crucial aspects of any endurance sport! But it can also be one of the most confusing. With so many diets, products, and fads out there, it’s hard to know the right way to fuel for peak performance. I work with clients to cut through the noise and take a simple, scientific approach to helping athletes meet their nutrient needs - both on the course and during daily life. And don’t worry - I know that not everyone is the same, so nutrition plans are individualized to fit personal preferences and lifestyles!

What does food-friendly mean?

Food-friendly means I love food! ALL kinds of food… like donuts and coffee and pasta, not just vegetables and quality proteins. When working with me, you will find that my goal is to help you achieve your goals while still eating foods that you LOVE. Many people think that the way to optimize performance is to restrict - whether that’s calories, or carbs, or fats. The truth is, restriction is usually not the answer, and it can even work against your performance! So when you work with me, we’ll figure out the best way to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need while minimizing restriction and maximizing your love of food and eating!

Body appreciation

Our bodies are amazing. And I believe we have a lot to learn from them when it comes to sports performance! I work from the assumption that your body is doing its job just the way it’s supposed to, and teach you to listen to and respect your body during training. My programs incorporate intuitive eating, mindfulness, and a weight neutral approach.

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