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I help endurance athletes reach their performance goals and feel confident in their eating through one on one nutrition coaching.

Kirsten dietitian

Hi, I'm Kirsten Summers!

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, ACE certified personal trainer, and an endurance sports enthusiast! I have completed countless triathlons, Spartan races, and running races… so I know the struggles! Of trying to maintain a work/life/training balance, trying to nail down daily nutrition and fueling, of striving for performance while also loving and respecting your body.

It’s a lot… and so I’m here to help! Whether it’s figuring out an individualized (and doable!) nutrition plan for you during on-season or recalibrating your nutrition for the off-season, I’ve got your back… and in a food-friendly, body positive kind of way.

Do you feel overwhelmed with managing your training schedule, daily life, and trying to figure out what to eat day in and day out?

Do you wish you felt more confident that your eating and fueling habits are the best for you and your sports performance

Are you tired of restricting foods due to worrying about your weight and body composition?

If this is you, I can help! As a sports performance nutritionist, I help you discover what’s best for you, your performance, and your body. I know that respecting & understanding your body can take you a long way – and so all my services include intuitive eating coaching.

Whether you're training for your first race, or you're looking to PR in your favorite endurance sport - my one on one coaching is for you. Together we develop an easy, intuitive, and personalized nutrition plan that feels good and fits your busy schedule!

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